Why I love Kate Winslet

At 17 she went to prison for murder. At 19 she was penniless and heartbroken. She almost drowned at 20. Her mind started to go at 24. She had her memory erased at 28. When she was 29 she went to Neverland. She had an affair with a boy half her age when she was 33. She then had marriage troubles and had deal with her shattered dreams. Who am I am talking about? Kate Winslet of course.

Some celebrities really catch some people’s eyes. While most teenagers look up to Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Snooki, and Lady Gaga the real inspiring people are overlooked. Kate Winslet is my inspiration.

Kate Winslet grew up in Reading, England. Growing up around the theator really influenced her dreams of becoming a famous actress. She started to study drama at the age of 11 and by the age of 12 she was in her first commercial for Sugar Puffs Cereal. She had natural talent from the start. A talent that never wore off and would impress millions of people worldwide.

Kate Winslet is stunning in any role she is giving. You could give her any part and she will do an amazing job with it. No really. Could she play a street smart street rat? Absolutely, and it has already been done (Flushed Away)! This is probably why she made Oscar history by winning five nominations before she was 32.

 Most celebrities are always trying to protect their name. They want to be seen in a positive light. Winslet is the exception to this. Kate guest starred herself on an episode of Extras in which she explains to the main characters that she is going to be in a movie about the Holocaust (The Reader) because it would guarantee her an oscar. She portrayed herself as a celebrity that is desperate for name recognition and is willing to go as low as possible to get it.

I love confident people, I really do. No, I am not talking about the short-short, low-cut shirt wearing bunch. I am talking about the people who love themselves despite their weight, frame, and looks. Kate Winslet is one of these confident women. She promotes eating healthy and she doesn’t care what other people think of her weight. Winslet is one of the few celebrities that is not a size zero. She is ok with that though. So ok with it that she appears nude in almost all of her films. Titanic, Little Children, and The Reader are just a few. While I don’t like watching movies with naked, awkward scenes in it, it is nice to know that you don’t have to be anorexic to be beautiful.

Kate Winslet in Titanic

 On August 22, 2011 Winslet emerged a hero. A true hero. Kate and her family were staying at Richard Branson’s private island when lightning struck hitting not just the island but the luxurious home she was staying in. There were 20 people staying in Branson’s house when the lightning struck. The house caught fire causing people to run out of the residence in a frenzy….. everyone except Branson’s 90-year-old mother. Kate’s instincts were to help the 90-year-old women escape the burning building. What did Winslet do? She scooped Branson’s mother in her arms and carried her out of the building. Not only does Kate help Leonardo Dicaprio escape a sinking ship(Titanic) but now she saves old women from burning buildings? Seriously what can’t this woman do?


Kate Winslet with Branson's mother


3 thoughts on “Why I love Kate Winslet

  1. What a fantastic woman. She’s an incredible actress and a classic beauty, not to mention her incredible character. I didn’t know that she saved a woman in August 2011. Wow, Kate has the whole package.

  2. I fell in love with Kate in Titanic not because of her nude scene but because of her bold passion and she reminds me of a girlfriend I had years ago.

  3. I absolutely adore kate winslet. She is the most down to earth a-lister that exists. She is truly brilliant in every single thing she does in both the media and film. She deserves every award and nomination she has gotten over the years. I have seen everyone of her films and she never ever gets old!

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