The female species

Yes, I realize I am a girl but I hate the female species. We complain about everything. It seems as if being a girl is enough of an excuse to be a complete bitch. We are always stealing each other boyfriends, talking bad about other girls, and trying to make other’s jealous of our nice things. Its pathetic.

The first thing I hate about the female species is our obsession with our appearance. We constantly look at our reflection in any surface possible. This includes windows, spoons, computer monitors, and tv screens. The perfect outfit is essential. It seems as if many girls have 3 closets full of clothes but everything makes them look fat, or the color and design of the fabric is out of style. Why don’t they just do what I do? Slip on a baggy sweatshirt and ripped jeans, at least that way you won’t have to obsess about ruining your outfit.

We scream and freak out over every little thing. Come on girls, it’s a spider, it’s not going to hurt you. It’s really unnecessary to scream at the top of lungs over something so small. Its sad really. To that spider you are a huge giant, please act like it. Do you really have to make me pick it up and toss it out the window for you? Maybe if you spent less time maintaining your image you would have more time to get acquainted with nature. Maybe if you tried you would be less jumpy over stupid things like spiders, insects, snakes, and birds.

We need to do everything in packs. Why do you need to bring friends to the bathroom with you? It’s a one person job, you don’t need assistance. Are you even going to the bathroom or are you just using the bathroom as your gossiping room?

What is it with our obsession with guys? Is a boyfriend so important that you are willing to betray your friends and your loved ones? You are always complaining about how you are better off without a guy. Why is it when you get one you cling to him like velcro? Make up your mind.

Now that I am wrapping this up I would like to say I understand not all women are like this. Obviously I don’t think all women act the way stated above because I don’t. Don’t take this to personally.


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