The pressure to be beautiful

Lets face it. In today’s society being beautiful is a very important thing. It’s so important that people will go to extreme lengths to achieve it. This unfortunately has led to a generation of anorexic’s, bulimic’s, and cosmetic surgery addict’s.
Why is it so important for women to be a size zero? Why has the ideal womans body changed from this….

Marilyn Monroe

To this in such a short amount of time.
It seems as if women’s body’s are changing just as quick as the clothes they wear on their backs. Curvy women used to be in but were soon replaced with underweight and malnourished bodies. Why you may ask? In our society women are getting fatter and fatter. It’s an undeniable fact. The media want us to look at skinnier women because they are becoming scarce. In the ads the skinny models are always seen as happy, popular, and wealthy. When the models in advertisements try to sell products people will be more willing to buy them in hopes for the perfection the model has obtained.
Advertisements with “perfect” women are found everywhere. Men and women are force-fed the idea that only a certain type of kind of beauty is acceptable in today’s society. Women struggle trying to grasp the kind of perfection they see on advertisements. This can lead to a vicious cycle, a cycle I unfortunately found myself in.


Perfection is a hard thing to obtain, so hard it’s impossible. I keep wondering to myself why I keep putting myself in this position. I have struggled with my eating habits for a while now. I starve myself for a couple of days and then I binge myself sick, just so the cycle can start all over again.  It started off as a simple diet but I was soon trapped in my own secret obsession.

How you chose to live your life is your choice. You can pick the road I went down- a road of disappointment and restriction- or you can live a healthy lifestyle. 

Please remember that if you are healthy you are beautiful, you are  the way you are  supposed to be, not the way others want  you to be.



2 thoughts on “The pressure to be beautiful

  1. I just want to say that you share my belief on what “beauty” is supposed to be. I myself am a person who is affected by the media’s image of the perfect woman. I am 5 foot tall, small but I have curve, natural brunette, and since I am mixed with Mexican and Caucasian I have some body hair. I look in the mirror and only see flaws while everyone else love my body and tells me I’m beautiful. I do believe looks are only skin deep and true beauty is your outlook on life, but yet even girls younger than me are influenced to be perfect. Tall, blonde, 100 lbs, no flaws what so ever. I don’t understand why women are supposed to be skin wrapped around bones, women are supposed to have curve. Curve is beautiful, it is supposed to be sexy when a lady’s thighs touch.

    • I agree completly! Everyone has something beautiful, something that THEIRS! I am 5″8 170 pounds and I thought that I was super obese. I lost the weight and the muscle. When I started to eat again I gained back all of the weight and I gained the muscle back. Needless to say, It was mostly muscle.

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