Misconceptions of asexuality.

I am an asexual. No, that does not mean that I can change my biological sex to reproduce.

I simply do not experience sexual attraction or have a sexual orientation. One percent of the population is asexual and unfortunately there is very little research done about it. Many people don’t even believe it exists, but to those who experience it, it is very real, and there are several misconceptions about those who identify themselves as asexual.

1. Is it a religious thing?

No, being asexual is not a choice due to religion, in fact, it’s not a choice at all. Celibacy and asexuality are two completely different things. I don’t have sex because I have no desire to do so. Celibates have to restrain themselves from having sex.

2. Asexuals are just nerds who don’t have the confidence to find a significant other.

Have you seen some of the covers of comic books? Trust me, nerds are not asexual. Besides, being a nerd wouldn’t stop them from having a sexual attraction towards another person. This statement just doesn’t make any sense!


Sheldon Cooper = asexual

3. So you don’t masturbate at all?

This is different for every asexual. Some don’t feel the need to masturbate and others do masturbate. Masturbation has nothing to do with sexual orientation.  There are several reasons an asexual person would masturbate. Mainly for same reasons everyone else does. Some asexuals masturbate and like it. We are still physically the same as a sexual person. We still have a libido and we can still achieve orgasm. We just have no interest in doing it with other people.

4. How do you know you don’t like it if you never tried it?

Do you have to have gay sex to know you aren’t gay? The same thing applies to asexuals. I don’t feel attracted to men, women, or ect. It’s really that simple.

5. Asexual people can’t feel love.

Sex doesn’t equal love. I love several men and woman that I would walk to end of the earth for. I just don’t want to have sex with them. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them just the same.

6.Asexual people don’t have sex.

Some do and some don’t. We have the ability to have sex. We just lack the desire to. Our equipment is still there are and in working order, it’s just we don’t have the desire to use it.

7. Asexual people are attracted to animals and small children.

-_- Okay, I am not even going to give this one an answer… all I have to say is BULLSHIT!


8. Its evolutions way to keep the population under control.

This isn’t how evolution works. I have a healthy diet, a nice home, and a stable job. Why would evolution want me to stop reproducing if I am healthy enough to do so? I don’t experience competition for food, water, shelter, or space. Why would my body deny me sexual attraction if I am stable enough to have a healthy child?

9. So you don’t want a boyfriend then, right?

Asexual people can still have relationships. We can still feel affection towards other people. I am a romantic asexual, which means I still enjoy cuddling, holding hands and kissing. I am uncomfortable with the idea of crossing that border of intimacy, but I am confident that I would participate for the right person.

10. Asexual people are ugly.

Um, thank you? Physical appearance and sexual orientation have nothing to do with each other. If you have nothing nice to say you can go lie down or make me a sandwich. No, really. I’m hungry, can someone make me a sandwich? Or cake, cake sounds good too….